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Motivating your child to experience the joy of intellectual endeavor.


What Do We Teach?

English Language Arts, Social Studies, AP History, Mathematics K-12, & French. In-person tutoring services not currently available.


K-12. Excellence in spoken and written English is the single greatest predictor of life success for your child.

Social Studies & History

Ancient and medieval world history,  American history, and American government add important perspective to our contemporary lives.


Elementary and middle school math, including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, provide essential skills in navigating a contemporary technology-driven society.


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Choice of regular tutoring, or a complete, structured conversational French course for beginners with an emphasis on speaking. Course includes textbook, on-line videos, downloadable MP3 speaking practice files, and tutoring.


Check out what a few parents have had to say about their tutoring experience with our faculty.

I'm the parent of two kids who Mr. Mohammed tutors.  He's a very patient man, caring and dedicated to what ever he's doing. He loves the kids, shows concern, and is hard working.  I'll give a thumbs up for him anytime.

Belinda, mother of two