Hi there, I’m Bash

I'm Bashiru Mohammed. I teach English, math, and history. I'm the principal of Motivated Learners, LLC, and I'm a native of Ghana. But in 1986, at the age of 16, I had the great fortune to be awarded a scholarship to Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, and suddenly I found myself alone as a teenager in the United States of America. My intellectual, cultural, and social experience at Mercersburg was the first step in igniting a lifelong love of teaching. 


I know how much teachers can help to shape students’ lives because great teachers have shaped and influenced my life. I strive to inspire not only academic excellence, but also a deep and enduring sense of personal confidence and self-esteem in my students by being a true friend and mentor.


After graduation from Mercersburg, I continued my studies for another six years, culminating in an MA From Ohio University in International Studies. Along the way, I was thrilled to ultimately become an American citizen. Now, after twenty-two years of teaching in some of the finest private schools in northern New Jersey, as well as coaching soccer and track and field, I am focusing my energies on private tutoring.


My passion for teaching has been driven by a strong belief that we all have to give back to society, especially when someone, like myself, has received so much. My goal is to continue to touch and change young lives in meaningful ways, as my teachers and professors have touched mine. 

After an initial interview, I will personalize a curriculum to best meet the needs of your child, whether it be remedial instruction or introducing new subject matter. We will tailor instruction to advance the academic goals you have envisioned for your child's education.


Teaching Experience


Remote Teaching Experience

High School Diploma

Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA


Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA


Master of Arts in International Studies

Ohio University, Athens, OH


Teaching Certificate With Advanced Standing

St. Elizabeth's University, Morristown, NJ


Newark Academy, Livingston, NJ


  • Grade 6 Social Studies

  • Grade 7 American Studies

Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, NY


  • Grade 6 Ancient World History

  • Grade 7 American History

  • Grade 8 Medieval World History

Newark Boys Chorus School, Newark, NJ


  • Grade 3-6 Mathematics

  • Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

  • Grade 8 Medieval World History

Middle School Math Remote Educator

Newark Boys Chorus School

  • Facilitated online learning experiences for students in grades in 3-8

  • Planned and implemented online lessons that could be accessed across a variety of digital devices

  • Proficient in using Google Classroom.

  • Met with students in grades 3 through 8 for virtual tutoring sessions through Google Hangout/Meet

  • Fluent in Google Classroom, Hangout/Meet, Zoom, Skype, Webinar,  Webex.


Fluent In​

  • English

  • Hausa

  • Mfante

  • Twi

  • Yoruba

Conversational In

  • French