Bonjour, I’m Julie!

I'm Julie Beaufort and I love teaching French! I am the Director of French Language Programs for Motivating Tutors, LLC and a tutor for our Conversational French Course. For over 15 years I have been teaching French―from elementary school to the university level―and I am an experienced specialist in online French instruction.


I am the co-author of our course textbook and videos, Instant FrenchQuick Preparation For A Trip To France, a one-semester conversational French course with an emphasis on speaking. Appropriate for ages 12 and older, Instant French was specifically designed for online teaching.

I can take your child (or even you!) from a standing start to actually speaking  clear, confident conversa-tional French in about four months, while providing a solid foundation for further study.


Julie grew up in Fontainebleau, France, just outside of Paris, riding horses under the watchful eye of her equestrian mother. After earning a bachelors degree in math and social sciences from the University of Paris, she earned her Primary Teaching Degree (CERPE) from the Créteil Academy. 


After teaching primary school for eight years, she earned a Master degree in French As A Foreign Language from the University of Grenoble. She then became an examiner for French language certification, and then subsequently, a trainer of examiners.


Her wanderlust for travel then took her around the world teaching French from Hanoi, to Tanzania, Hong Kong, to the Bahamas. In the interim she also lived in Australia and Turkey.

Julie is a fluent English speaker who will make your child feel right at home as she introduces the joy of learning the French language.


Teaching Experience

Bachelor of Math & Social Science

University of Paris VII, Paris, France


Primary Teaching Degree (CERPE)

Créteil Academy, France


Master of Arts , French As A Foreign Language

Uiversity of Grenoble 3, France


Corrector and Examiner Habilitation DELF-DALF A1 to C2

Institut Francais


Trainer of Corrector and Examiner Habilitation DELF-DALF A1 to C2

Institut Francais


National Ministry of Education, Seine en Marne, France


  • Primary school teacher

Alliance Française, Arusha, Tanzanie


  • Professor of French As A Foreign Language

Institut Français, Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Professor of French As A Foreign Language

HEC School of Management, Paris, France


  • Professor of Business French

French 'n FLE, Fontainebleau, France


  • Founder & Owner

  • A dot-com company providing online French instruction, translation services, and teacher training


Fluent In​

  • French- native speaker

  • English- Cambridge C-1

Conversational In

  • Spanish